BIO: Janel Morrissey
Always a dance lover forever searching for her place in the dance world....
Janel attended dance classes throughout her childhood in Milford PA where she was born. She was running this small school for her teacher by the age of 19. Happy to be dancing, she knew there must be so much more outside of small town PA.
In 2000 she was quickly married and swept away to Long Island. With Broadway dance center a train ride away she attended classes as much as possible. Her dance appetite was satisfied and the challenge of trying to keep up with professional dancers was exciting!! Until her new husband insisted. She get a job to support her dance habit ;)
Working full time she became hungry... 
She realized how necessary it was to get lost in sound and release through movement. One day at the New York Sports Club in Long Beach LI she walked into Clay Grants dance fitness class. She discovered a new love! Fun choreo, loud music, an amazing teacher, and the best part NO RULES. Just dance!! Janel attended many classes in different NYSCs all over LI. Soon she discovered the Yves Maco experience!! 
YES PLEASE!!!! 4 years of sweat and satisfaction on lots of dance floors! 
After the birth of her first child she moved to Hopatcong NJ. As a new mother in a new town she searched for her next dance fix. NO LUCK!! NOTHING!! Starving once again....so badly that she decided to walk into a local gym, introduce herself and say, 
" I teach a dance fitness class"
He gave her a shot!! With earthquakes and butterflies in her stomach she choreographed her first routine and taught her first class. 
People kept coming back and Janel kept teaching. Choreography became a very creative outlet and also necessary. 
She began teaching at other gyms and continued to evolve as an instructor, choreographer and as a professional.
After 4 years and 3 more children later. Janel's director at the Randolph YMCA called a meeting. She advised that she brand her class, she believed that it was something different. Janel laughed and simply said, " I'm just a mom who needed to dance " :) After much contemplation she thought WHY NOT ME??? Months later in 2012 FABU was born. FABU stands for the desire to be the most FABUlous version of yourself. No matter where you are at right now, 
THE TIME IS ALWAYS NOW!! Janel believes that through movement,  release and healing takes place working on more than just the body. In a FABU class short mental mantras or thoughts are attached to the movement to help strengthen self awareness.
Now a single mom of 4 and on fire more than ever to make dreams come true.
Janel is bringing FABU......
FABU / creator 
GROOVE facilitator
Country fusion
First Aid/CPR